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Welcome to ACTA Crane Hire! We are the go-to HIAB hire service here in Hampshire. Our Hampshire HIAB hire services are the best local HIAB hire services you can find. We can transport any item requiring HIAB assistance, no matter how big or small the transport job is. Our HIAB transport services have been setting roots for over 20 years here in Hampshire. Our team of HIAB transport professionals are confident they can undertake any HIAB transport job you require. 

Our history goes way back to when Nick, the owner of ACTA Crane Hire, started as a crane apprentice here in Hampshire. Now, 20 years later, the rest is history. 

Expert HIAB Hire in Hampshire Provided by Acta Crane Hire 

When you sign up for our ACTA Crane Hire services, you will have invaluable crane expertise operating at your work site. Our two huge lorry mounted cranes include a Fassi 800 that has a fly jib possessing a 29-metre reach in addition to a HIAB 700, also with a fly jib, with a range covering 22 metres in reach. Our team is more than confident that we would be able to assist with your every crane need. 

The crane operators here at ACTA Crane Hire are fully equipped and licensed to handle even the toughest of your jobs competently. Our team here at ACTA Crane Hire is determined to offer you only the highest quality HIAB hire services in all of Hampshire to get your job done. 

Mobile HIAB Crane Hire Hampshire 

The work that our mobile HIAB crane services team can offer has a greatly important role within the worksite. The job requires a broad range of diligence, skills, and excellent concentration, so the collaboration alongside the team is the safest in terms of supervision and direction to the operators of the crane. 

Our team of mobile HIAB crane professionals is highly qualified in working with other crane operators as well as operating alone. Our team is well trained on the safest methods and protocols of practice in order to ensure the best deliverable outcomes. 

HIAB in Hampshire

How Can Our Hampshire HIAB Hire Team Help? 

Our ACTA Crane Hire team is the group of professionals you need to be calling for more than exclusive crane hire services, despite our choice of name. To add to that, despite the fact that crane hires are our original core services, our clients consider the added value of us also providing transportation services with an indispensable part of our package. 

This comes as especially handy when you need to move something from point A to point B, and where it would be rather hard to get it there with conventional means of transportation like a car or a van. 

Here at ACTA Crane Hire, we have the means to help you collect and transport our items or goods to and from different sites of your choice. For example, if you are relocating to a new place and would want to move large equipment or machinery with you, our team can help you achieve that in no time. 

Please note that our services depend on the size and weight of the items you aim at transporting. 

Why Choose Us for Your Hampshire HIAB Hire?

For over 20 years, our team of HIAB transport professionals have been perfecting their crane operation skills. We appreciate how crucial it is for our clients to choose a company that has accumulated years of experience in the crane transport business. This aspect is one that we definitely do not lack here at ACTA Crane Hire. 

In the case that you still have some doubts about working with us for your next Hampshire HIAB transport job, then take a look at our testimonials page. 

Do not hesitate to contact our HIAB transport professionals today for all your Hampshire lifting requirements. ACTA Crane Hire can also provide you with the object transport services you need for your next job. Whatever your requirements are, we are more than ready to help. 


In the case that you are still hesitant whether our Hampshire HIAB transport services are equipped for your next transport job, you can now check our scope of transport services yourself. Take a look at our gallery section and see all the different HIAB transport projects we have previously completed here in Hampshire. Scroll through the photos and discover what kind of HIAB transport jobs we are offering here in Hampshire. 

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If you have been looking for the best Hampshire HIAB transport service that is able to assist with all your HIAB transport needs, look no further than ACTA Crane Hire. We offer bespoke HIAB transport services for any and everything you can think of, and we do it here in Hampshire.  

Our services are exceptionally hassle-free and will offer you the flexibility you need to get your Hampshire HIAB transport job done in no time. Contact us now at 01202 383332 or 07977 909418 or email us at info@actacranehire.co.uk and get your free no-obligation quote for your next HIAB transport job with us now.